Saturday, March 18, 2017

7th Grade Earth Science - Earthschooling Curriculum - Part 1 of 2

Here are some of the projects that the girls did in part 1 of their Earth Science lessons of the 7th Grade Oak Meadow curriculum.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

7th Grade World History - Earthschooling Curriculum - Part 1 of 2

Here are only a few of the projects the girls did for par 1 of their World History lessons. We LOVED the 7th Grade Oak Meadow World History curriculum. Part 1 covered the Age of the Monarchs, the Mogul empire, the Age of Enlightenement, the French Revolution (with some art, music and literature of the time), the Industrial Revolution, Slavery, the Civil War, the First and Second WW, the Great Depression and so much more.

The girls had to create some Encyclopedia entries.

Learning about Labor Unions.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7th Grade Physiology Block

This was such a fun block! I'm glad I added it on top of our 7th Grade Earthschooling Curriculum since it was not included in it. We did it in 3 weeks inspired mostly by the Syrendell blog posts. The last week was the perfect occasion to talk about a STD, different types of contraception and so much more.

Friday, February 3, 2017

5th Grace Ancient Persia block

Again, since Mathilde had done Persian History along with her big sisters two years ago, we quickly reviewed the story of Ahura Mazda, drew the map of Ancient Persia and instead of studying Gilgamesh, we studied Avicenna and the Festival of Nowruz along with the traditional tales for the 10 days that this festival lasts.

I mostly used the Earthschooling curriculum to put this block together, but it still required a lot of work and research on my part. You can find most of the images Mathilde used to create her drawings on my Pinterest 5th Grade Ancient Civilisation board. Don't hesitate to write in the comment section if you have question about that block!